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Chinese High School Students Designing Overseas Marketing Strategy for High-tech autonomous-driving Company

Since China issued new curriculum standards in 2022, many schools across the country have begun to implement project-based learning, guiding students to solve problems in real problem situations and fostering their creativity. Here is a project I participated in, guiding school teachers to design lesson plans, and exploring with them the problems that students encounter in learning. 

Recently, a class of high school students in Beijing E-town JHES High School has experienced an active engagement with real life problem-solving, which was to work with an autonomous-driving company – Neolix and help it go globally, to Rome, Italy.

School and Business Collaboration

Students learn about technology and marketing strategy by focusing on the entry of Neolithic unmanned vehicle company's delivery business into the Roman market. They consider commercial, geographical, political, and other factors to develop comprehensive thinking and problem-solving skills.

Neolix Self-driving Company, located in E-Town, Beijing

Learning Through Interdisciplinary Exploration

Students gain a broader understanding of problems through interdisciplinary courses. The CLIL teaching method combines language and subject content, allowing students to learn and apply practical knowledge in English.

Company director releasing the mission: How to enter a new market in Rome?

Enhancing Thinking Skills Through Question-relay:

Teachers use a question relay teaching method to guide students through a series of questions that gradually increase in difficulty. Group cooperative learning encourages equality and inclusiveness, keeping students engaged and emphasizing their role in the learning process.

Encouraging Learning Through Assessment

The course uses various assessment methods. Graded evaluations, task sheets, peer evaluations, and reflection help improve students' motivation and learning abilities through personalized guidance and self-reflection.


Students in groups searching for strategy-related factors

External experts support curriculum design

Through the lessons, students have gained practical knowledge and skills that can be applied in real-life situations, which includes a better understanding of technology, marketing strategy, problem-solving abilities, interdisciplinary knowledge perspectives, improved thinking skills, and enhanced learning motivation and abilities. These skills can be valuable in various professional and personal contexts beyond the classroom.


Self- and Peer-Assessment through Gallery

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