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Saudi Arabia

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Omar Mohammad Muammar



Associate Professor of Giftedness, Creativity, and Leadership; Fellowship in Leadership

Vice President for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University

Fellow of ALC, associate professor of giftedness, creativity, and leadership in special education department, college of education. He was appointed as a Dean of academic development, chaired the special education department, earn the Ph.D. from University of Arizona in 2006. He is CEO of Leadership Center, Academic Leader Program Fellowship as a consultant at King Abdulaziz Foundation of Giftedness and Creativity (Mawhiba), he was the manager of strategic plan in Mawhiba in 2007. He led and supervised many gifted initiatives and departments in Mawhiba and designed many gifted programs (identification and enrichment). The led the first winning award of gifted summer program sponsored by Mawhiba 2018. He attended many international gifted programs in USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Korea, Australia, Malaysia, Finland. He was awarded a William Fulbright scholarship in 2001. He as a master degree in Gifted Education from Arabian Gulf University 1998, bachelor in Math Education. He published many research articles in national and international journals and contributed to books in gifted education. 




University of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal 

PO Box 10674
Dammam, 31443
Saudi Arabia

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