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Gabriela Ordaz Villegas

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Graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She studied Computer Engineering at the Faculty of Higher Studies Aragón, and Psychology at the Faculty of Higher Studies Zaragoza.  Doctorate studies in Psychology in the Area of Education and Human Development also from UNAM with the topic "Psychosocial Profile of Gifted Adolescents Students”. She did a postdoctoral stay at the Iberoamerican University of Puebla with the topic "Mobile Intelligent Tutor System for Extracurricular Enrichment of Gifted Adolescents Students".

Currently full-time associate professor C at the Faculty of Higher Studies Zaragoza, collaborator in research projects financed by the Support Program for Research Projects and Technological Innovation at UNAM. Author of various scientific articles at national and international level, as well as book chapters, with topics related to students with special educational needs, with an emphasis on gifted adolescents students , their family and teachers. Director and reviewer of thesis at the undergraduate level. Evaluation  member of various scientific committees of magazines and congresses.

Starting in 2018, responsible for the line of research: “Ecosystemic Vision of the Characteristics of Students with Special Educational Needs and their Environments”. In this regard, she has designed and implemented various intervention programs in secondary and bachiller schools near the FES Zaragoza, with various topics for the cognitive academic development of students with special educational needs such as: science, mathematics, entrepreneurship and creativity. On the other hand, she seeks to strengthen socio-emotional areas through programs of emotional intelligence, self-regulation, resilience, mental exhaustion, among others. The design of the intervention programs have been face-to-face and virtual, the latter through educational software and educational videos.

Ph. D. Psychology

Associate Professor C

Faculty of Higher Studies Zaragoza





Guadalupe Acle Tomasini

Guadalupe Acle Tomasini.png

She is a Full Professor attached to the Postgraduate Coordination of the Facultad de Estudios Superiores Zaragoza (FESZ) in Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). She participates in the Master’s and Doctorate program in Psychology of the UNAM and in the Inter-Institutional Doctorate in Education program of the Universidad Iberoamericana.

She is a Member of the National System of Researchers, Level II and of the Mexican Academy of Sciences. In 2006 she received the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz award by the UNAM and in 2013 the Mexican Society Psychology Award in the Teaching Category.

She is responsible of the Research Unit: Psychology, Education and Science approved in 2018 by the FESZ Research Committee. Since 1980 she has had different granted projects.

Actually, her research focuses on the ecological risk/resilience model in special education: including the analyses of risk and protective factors in gifted and talented children and adolescents living in vulnerable environments, as well as in other special education categories as autism and learning disabilities.

She is the author of the book Learning Disabilities: Theoretical approaches (1995), and coordinator of 4 books, the last one: Resilience in Special Education: An experience in elementary school (2012) published by GEDISA-UNAM-FESZ, author of the chapter Research in Special Education (2001-2011): Achievements and challenges, published by ANUIES-COMIE in 2013. She has published in journals as: Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology, Revista Electrónica de Investigación en Psicología, Perfiles Educativos, Psychology, Journal of Creative Education, British Journal of Education, Society & Behavioural Science.  

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