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Myra Wearne


Myra Wearne has worked as both a teacher and an educational leader in South Western and Northern Sydney. She has engaged in multiple projects aimed at bridging the gap being educational theory and practice and is a passionate advocate for educational research in school settings. She facilitated the introduction and implementation of the Real Engagement in Active Problem Solving (REAPS) at an elementary school in New South Wales and maintained its implementation in a school-wide approach for five years. Her advocacy and skills as an administrator ensured a high level of implementation of the REAPS model. The results are reported in the Australasian Journal of Gifted Education (Volume 30, Number 2, December 2021). Currently, she is assisting teachers and administrators in school-wide implementation of REAPS at an elementary school in New South Wales and is an important international collaborator in the Global Cooperative Synergy Group. She is also currently engaged in providing schools across the North Sydney Network with Instructional Leader and Beginning Teacher professional learning and guidance. 

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