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The Enrichment Program at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University

This model program, with demonstrated effectiveness resulting in a national award and international recognition by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), will provide an extension of the REAPS model to develop participants’ entrepreneurial skills and the attitudes and values needed for success in a global cooperative synergy context. In situations in which a beginning knowledge base is necessary, the IAU model provides guidance in the development and management of knowledge-based components of programs.

The summer enrichment program held at IAU, involving team members with a wide range of skills and achievement levels, included five components: (a) student choice among knowledge-based tracks such as energy, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, biotechnology, anatomy and physiology, and applied medical science; (b) student participation in a semi-work environment in which they are assigned to a “company” that consists of individuals from all of the diverse knowledge-based tracks, with the task of developing a business plan to address one of the challenges from the National Priorities such as “diversify the capabilities of the economy”, “expand the variety of digital services”, or “transforming the unique strategic location into a global hub”; (c) developing soft skills such as personal skills (initiative, values, vision, critical thinking, time management), social skills (listening, collaboration, teamwork), and psychological skills (self-awareness, stress management, personal identity, self-confidence) through both direct (workshops, self-reflection, input from others) and indirect methods (being placed in a team with other students with different skills and interests with a common goal); (d) management of the work environment and resources for all the companies (including selling supplies to the groups for work on their project) and (e) engaging in social activities to benefit the community.

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